Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Political Rant

So, this election was a “referendum” on the “excesses” of the Democrats, hm?

Ok, fine, let’s cut taxes.

But then you CANNOT complain when more public schools are shut down and class sizes grow even larger due to more funding cuts and the kids that do manage to graduate can’t do the high tech jobs our economy needs to keep growing (we’re already having a hard time with this).

And you also CANNOT complain when people can no longer afford to go to college because there are no government subsidized loans or government grants to help cover tuition and expenses.

And you also CANNOT complain when your house burns down because there aren’t enough fire fighters due to funding cuts.

And you also CANNOT complain when the police officers don’t show up for two hours after you call 911 because they don’t have enough people to respond to all their calls due to funding cuts.

And you also CANNOT complain when crime goes up due to stripped down police department, fewer courts to process the criminals, and fewer spaces in the prisons to house the criminals (leading to the release of many convicted criminals).

And you also CANNOT complain when the roads get progressively worse and a pothole blows out your tire or a bridge collapses under your vehicle on your way to work.
And you also CANNOT complain when the airports in small cities shut down and flight delays get worse because the government can’t afford the upkeep on the airport – OR airline tickets get even more expensive as the cost for airlines to land at airports go up significantly in an effort to pay for the upkeep.

And you also CANNOT complain when the concepts of Keynesian economics are rejected and the government stops putting money into the economy leading to a shrinking GDP due to lack of funds to purchase products causing unemployment to rise.

And you also CANNOT complain when you retire and your 401k doesn’t cover all your expenses and you don’t have social security to help pay for your basic needs.

And you also CANNOT complain when you reach 65, cannot afford private healthcare due to the aforementioned lack of funds, and there’s no Medicare to cover your basic health needs.

And you also CANNOT complain when your employer doesn’t cover health insurance for you because they aren’t required to. And you still can’t complain when you can’t afford to cover insurance for you and your children and Medicaid no longer exists, and you or your kid breaks an arm, or gets chicken pox, or pneumonia, and suddenly you have a bill that is $20,000 with no way to pay it.

And you also CANNOT complain when crime goes up because the homeless population grows exponentially due to no social safety net, whether in the form of welfare, subsidized housing, or unemployment, to help people when they lose their jobs and cannot find new ones.

And you also CANNOT complain when you are denied a loan to start a small business because the government can no longer afford to subsidize them.

And you also CANNOT complain when the U.S. falls behind in technological advancement because the government can no longer afford to invest in research and development. And no, private business won’t, because they only care about things that make a profit, and unfortunately the most significant advances in science and technology have not come through profit making enterprises.

And you also CANNOT complain when your house is destroyed in a flood/fire/landslide/etc. and the government does not show up to help rescue you nor do they provide any federal fiscal assistance to help you rebuild because there is no money to fund FEMA.

Of course, we’ll still have nuclear bombs, so I guess we’ll be fine.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

So scared....

I just ordered a vegan pizza...oh please god, let it not be disgusting...

Day 7

One week down...11 to go!

I'm feeling marginally better. Still a little bit of a headache and definitely still tired...brain's still not functioning at 100% yet. But, definitely not miserable anymore.

Managed to maintain the vegan diet for the entire week (though I ate some braised greens last night that may have been cooked in some butter...), worked out for 5 days of the last 7, though I only sat in the sauna twice for only about 20 mins each time, so didn't really get that done.

I think I will try hot yoga in an effort to meet the sauna requirement. I'm going to check out I Love Hot Yoga of Greenlake who has a 10 classes for $30 special going on. Plus, it's conveniently located on my way home from the salon, so I can just head there after work two or three days a week. Otherwise, I will be continuing the runs at Greenlake with Susie on Tuesday and Thursday, and hit Olympic Gym in Ballard the rest of the time.

Also, went out for a little bit last night. Hit Hattie's Hat and Tin Hat (hmmm...a theme?) and actually enjoyed myself even though I only drank water and grapefruit juice. There was a little staring at the other drinks, but it wasn't too difficult. So, yay! Again...small victories :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 4

Caffeine withrawals suck.

Seriously suck.

I've tried taking Coffea Cruda, which helps a smidgen, but does contain caffeine and so therefore is against the cleanse. So, trying to avoid that as well.

Plus, I had my first "colon hydrotherapy experience" yesterday.

Or, as my colon hydrotherapist, Fae, calls it, "the happy hour".

So, being as the colonic was the one really major thing I was NOT looking forward to with this cleanse (obviously wasn't thinking of caffeine withdrawals!), I thought I would let you know how it went...

So, it wasn't awful. It wasn't a spectacular experience, but it wasn't awful.

The Tummy Temple was a spa-like location. Quiet, miniature waterfall, relaxing music, etc. The difference? Each room contained a toilet and the equipment used to suction all the nastiness out of your colon.

The actual process wasn't too bad. It definitely felt weird. But there was no pain.

I do have to say that I basically spent an hour on a table feeling like I had to poop. THAT wasn't too exciting.

But, yeah, nothing to be terrified about.

So, now just to make it throught these headaches and body aches.

Oh, and the diet is actually going ok, other than the ocassional cravings for ice cream, steak, cheese, hamburgers, pizza, etc.

Surprisingly, I haven't had any cravings for alcohol, haven't missed it one bit. THAT is somewhat of a comfort. I wasn't sure that that would be the case. So, yay for small victories!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ok, this sucks...

Day two and I am exhausted still, even though I got over 9 hours of sleep last night. I feel like I'm getting sick, but nothing ever really materializes. Not to mention that I am completely scatterbrained and finishing a simple sentence seems to be beyond my abilities now.

Worse than that though?

My head is friggin KILLING me.

Damn caffeine withdrawals.

And, I can't take Tylenol or ibuprofen since those are rather hard on the liver and the whole point of the detox is to clean my liver out and be nice to it.

I'm getting a massage tonight and then going to sit in the sauna in hopes that it will help somewhat??

Monday, May 17, 2010

It's official....

I have my first colonic scheduled! Yikes! Wish me luck??

See you soon Tummy Temple!

Day 1

So far, I'm tired, I'm hungry, and the supplements I'm taking taste awful.

Like, "they make me want to throw up and the flavor won't go away no matter what I eat or drink " awful.

This is starting off well...

Though, to be fair, the tired and hungry is probably exacerbated by the fact that I had a few beers last night since I won't be having any for three months.

I'll be hitting up the gym after work tonight and hopefully will have figured out by that point what I will be having for dinner. How to cook a meal without meat...hmmm...we shall see!!