Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crunch time

Ok, so I have gone into full "must. get. job. soon." mode. I have submitted for four jobs at the Gates Foundation, three at PATH, one at Volt Employment Agency (which I THINK is for the Gates Foundation) and one at Impact Capital. The reality is, this process can take some time, and I really don't have the money saved up right now to be able to survive without a paycheck for more than a couple weeks (the hazards of being a student for the past several years).
It is so very scary looking for a job right now. One, the economy is not exactly booming, and two, I haven't been through a job interview in almost four years! Yikes!
If anyone knows any open positions, or knows someone who knows of open positions, that are at a non-profit organization, preferably with a global focus, feel free to pass the information along!

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