Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Initial research...

Ok, so, since I'm having to make some major changes in my lifestyle for this upcoming cleanse, after I ordered ALL the supplements my naturopath prescribed, I decided to do some research.

Would you expect anything else from me?

First, for those who are interested, I am taking the following supplements during the cleanse:

HealthForce Nutritionals Truly Natural Vitamin C 2000mg per day
Nordic Naturals Utimate Omega 2 caps per day
Yerba Prima Psyllium Husks Powder) 1/2 tsp per day
Vitanica Women's Detox Cofactors 4 caps 2x daily
Vitanica Endocrine Disruptor Relief 2 caps 2x daily
Vitanica Hepafem 2 caps per day

So, good times on the pill front.

Now, for the diet.

According to my naturopath meats and meat related products (chicken, beef, fish, dairy, etc.) contain arachidonic acid which causes inflammation. And since exposure to allergens causes my skin to become severely inflamed, I have to cut out as many inflammatory products as possible. This means that carnivore-loving-me has to adopt a vegan diet.

I have NO idea how to have a balanced vegan diet.

So, I found some great websites with vegan recipes.

I've also found some great local restaurants as well as some meals available at local fast food restaurants.
Etc. Thankfully Seattle has a wide variety of vegetarian/vegan restaurants.

Plus, places like Subway and Taco Del Mar have vegan food! Yay!

Now, to fulfill the exercise portion, I'm looking at joining a gym. Olympic seems like my best bet :)

I've also been collecting some stories on colonics in an effort to reduce some of my fear at the thought of getting one myself. So far, everyone I've spoken to that has had one LOVES them. I'll be having mine done at Tummy Temple. I'll let you know how it goes!

Alright! Off to pack for my upcoming trip. Let you know as I learn more!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Topic shift...

Next week I am off for a two week trip to DC, NYC, and Boston with my mom. Should be a great time! However, when I get back, I am about to embark on a three month detox in an effort to get my topical allergies under control.

Now, we all know how epically I fail at keeping a blog up to date, and most know how epically I fail at maintaining any diet/exercise regime, no matter how mild, for any significant amount of time.

Here's the "but".

BUT, I am going to try and keep this up for three full months.

12 weeks of:
No alcohol
Mostly vegan diet
Daily exercise
Loads of herbal and vitamin supplements
Weekly "lymphatic draining" massages
And, my FAVORITE, bi-weekly "colon hydrotherapy". Yay.

So, in an effort to have some accountability to maintain this, I will turn my blog over to describing my experience.

Could be FUN!