Friday, July 24, 2009

Aaaannnddd a week later...

Short stuff...if there's a blue pill and a red pill...and the red pill is half the price of the red pill.....wait...I take the blue pill and I can stay in my happy little matrix world? Yeah...I want health insurance, but DAMN I love ignorance! And Keanu Reeves...and/or Laurence Fishburne...aka Morpheus. Ok, so I do love me some Matrix.

Hmmm...kinda like me some Stephen Colbert as well..."Benjamin from Nyack - I've heard a lot that Canada rations - what does that mean, and I'm scared enough?"

Colbert - "Good question Benjamin,"

"Ben, rationing means that when things are looking bleak, the government is going to say 'Sorry! Treating you is not worth the cost.'

Private insurance would never do that.

They decide you're not worth the cost much earlier."

...There you have it - socialized medicine=invisible death box"


Even more so...

"Now, evidently folks, Bill Gates is devising a plan to cool the warm water on the ocean's surface that fuels oncoming hurricanes.

We can't let Bill Gates control the weather!

No matter what weather he tries for, there's a good chance everything will freeze...

Besides, if you really want to get rid of hurricanes, wouldn't it be easier to spray that cold water onto the gay people who's hot sex is causing God to send them in the first place?"

Oy. Vey.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fail Blog

That should be the new title of my blog since only three days into my promise that I would post every day I have already failed...Whoops!

So, I caught the last 1/2 hour of the movie Serendipity today and I heard a quote that kind of stuck with me: "The ancient Greeks didn't write obituaries, instead they asked only one question of a man: 'Did he have passion?'"

As I'm trying to determine my direction in life right now (where do I go for grad school? what exactly am I going to get my masters in? what do I want to do for the rest of my life?)

So, in true Summer fashion, the first thing I did was research if the statement in the movie is even true. Apparently it is...kinda...

Aristippus of Cyrene, of the post-Socratic school of Greek philosophy, developed a philosophical movement called Cyreanaics, of which, one of the main precepts was Egoistic Hedonism. His philosophy said that everything was based upon the human reaction to pleasure and pain through sensation of the world, rather than the Socratic and Platonic belief in "Ideas", a.k.a.-the ideal forms that humans only imperfectly percieve in the material world and which they had to reconstruct in their own minds in order to perceive the true and the good of the "real" world beyond the senses (See Plato's Allegory of the Cave").

Anywho, Aristippus and his followers felt that people should always seek pleasure and avoid pain which would lead to right moral behavior. Specifically, that in the cultivation of ones passions, they would find heightened experiences, or "Know thyself".

/Philosophy lesson

So, how does this relate to me? As I said, I'm trying to figure out what direction I want to take in my life right now.

To do that, I have to figure out what my passion IS.

Of course, if you know me, you know this question has been keeping me up at night for the last 7 or so years.

So, what have my conclusions been so far?

I love traveling - hence my thought of getting my masters in International Business. Then, ostensibly, I could find a job that let me travel.

Of course, I also love helping people - hence my thought of getting an MBA with a greater focus on non-profit managements.

Then, I found a solution that could combine the two - Gates Foundation. It's an international non-profit. Perfect, right? Of course, I can't get a job there to save my life.

So, what else do I like? Cooking. Don't want to be a chef (have you ever worked with a chef? They're assholes!). Similarly, I like food. I don't have the experience or palette to be a food critic though. I like wine tasting! Still don't have the palette...I enjoy reading? Yeah, don't think that I have what it takes to be an editor either.

So, yeah, still searching. I want to figure it out, but damn it's hard. I failed at keeping this blog going for even one full week, let alone a month. And so far, I have failed at finding my *passion*. (I say so far because I honestly believe that I WILL find it, just haven't been successful so far...) Any suggestions? :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Said I was going to post every day for a month, and almost failed on my second day of posting! This is going to be hard...

So, I find it entertaining that Fox News even criticizes Obama even when he's throwing out the first pitch at the baseball all star game...geez, give the guy a break every once in a while! :)

And since I haven't discussed all that for a while, quick note on Obama - so, I think he's doing ok. Not brilliant. Not sucking. He's making a lot of concessions in an effort to work with people, but sometimes he give a little too much. And there have been a few instances where he has just full on rejected things that he said he would support during the campaign. I.E. - trying to keep records of who is visiting the White House secret, going back on his promise to revoke Don't Ask Don't Tell, etc.

Time will see how it all goes, but I still think he's doing a lot of great stuff too...Some other time when I have the time to go into more detail... :)

On a related note, I heart The Daily Show :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So, I'm going to try something new...I am going to try and post a blog entry every single day for one month. Some of them may be pathetically boring, but I'm just going to try it out!

So, what's happening in my life?

Looking at some additional sources of revenue since the bookkeeping biz, while doing relatively well, is still not enough to comfortably pay the bills.

Planning the boyfriend's 33rd birthday!

Trying to figure out inexpensive trips to take so I still get to take advantage of the beautiful summer and have a little bit of a vacation, but not break the bank!

Starting to train for the half marathon I'm running in October. Super excited for it! It's the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco...motto is "Run Like A Girl" and when you cross the finish line, a firefighter hands you a Tiffany necklace! Oh yeah! I mean, really, what else can a girl ask for? ;)

And, today, specifically, I'm working and looking at making "Chilled Summer Gazpacho with an Herbed Sour Cream" for what do I make with it?