Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Said I was going to post every day for a month, and almost failed on my second day of posting! This is going to be hard...

So, I find it entertaining that Fox News even criticizes Obama even when he's throwing out the first pitch at the baseball all star game...geez, give the guy a break every once in a while! :)

And since I haven't discussed all that for a while, quick note on Obama - so, I think he's doing ok. Not brilliant. Not sucking. He's making a lot of concessions in an effort to work with people, but sometimes he give a little too much. And there have been a few instances where he has just full on rejected things that he said he would support during the campaign. I.E. - trying to keep records of who is visiting the White House secret, going back on his promise to revoke Don't Ask Don't Tell, etc.

Time will see how it all goes, but I still think he's doing a lot of great stuff too...Some other time when I have the time to go into more detail... :)

On a related note, I heart The Daily Show :)

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