Sunday, April 25, 2010

Topic shift...

Next week I am off for a two week trip to DC, NYC, and Boston with my mom. Should be a great time! However, when I get back, I am about to embark on a three month detox in an effort to get my topical allergies under control.

Now, we all know how epically I fail at keeping a blog up to date, and most know how epically I fail at maintaining any diet/exercise regime, no matter how mild, for any significant amount of time.

Here's the "but".

BUT, I am going to try and keep this up for three full months.

12 weeks of:
No alcohol
Mostly vegan diet
Daily exercise
Loads of herbal and vitamin supplements
Weekly "lymphatic draining" massages
And, my FAVORITE, bi-weekly "colon hydrotherapy". Yay.

So, in an effort to have some accountability to maintain this, I will turn my blog over to describing my experience.

Could be FUN!

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