Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game

For those who can't make it to my oh-so-entertaining vice presidential debate party on October 2nd, here is my oh-so-entertaining drinking game. Feel free to suggest others!

Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Take one drink if:

A candidate goes over their time limit
A candidate says the name of a U.S. state or foreign country
A candidate says “terrorism”, “Islamic extremists”, or “September 11th”
Sarah Palin says:
that she is a hockey mom
that she lives right next to Russia
that John McCain was a POW
that she is the only candidate that has executive experience
that she said “thanks, but no thanks” to Congress about the “bridge to nowhere”
that she or McCain is a maverick and/or a reformer
that she took on the “good ol’ boys network”
“Gwen” (the moderator's name)
“Hilary Clinton”
her husband is referred to as "the first dude"
Joe Biden says:
that he rides the train to work
the word “change”
something about his mother
the term “Washington insider”
the term “Four more years”
he has been the chairman of the Foreign Relations committee
that McCain has voted with Bush 90% of the time

Take two drinks if:
A candidate mentions a foreign leader or U.S. governor by name
The network cuts to ad break in the middle of a Biden tirade
Joe Biden calls Sarah Palin out for claiming that she said “thanks, but no thanks” to that “bridge to nowhere”

Take three drinks if:
The moderator stops a candidate for a rule violation.

Finish your drink if:
The candidate back talks to the moderator for calling the violation.
Joe Biden calls Sarah Palin “pretty” or “attractive”
Joe Biden says the word "lipstick"

If you find this slanted somewhat against Palin, that is (1) my personal bias coming through, and (2) because she's just so much more quotable than Biden!


Matthew said...

You're gonna get HAMMERED

Andrea said...

So basically you'll be chugging liquor for the entire debate...hope you don't have to work on Friday!!

Andrea said...

Chugging alcohol throughout a debate...I hope you don't have to work the next day!!