Friday, June 6, 2008

June is HERE!

As my job winds down, so does my school career.

Today I picked up my cap and gown!

(and nifty UW Alum license plate holder that will have to wait until I have a nicer car!)

I am definitely excited about FINALLY graduating (only took 13 years!) but I am vacillating between wanting to nail my finals next week, and just not caring about them at all. I suppose you could call it the last remaining vestiges of senioritis, but part of it is that I feel like I have so many other things that are far more pressing.

I don’t have a job (after the 17th).

My car is on the verge of dying.

I can’t buy a new car because I don’t have a job (after the 17th).

I still have debt from my trip to Europe last summer, combined with extra debt that has accrued during the past year of being a student and part time worker living with someone who is a full time worker and not used to living the life of a college student (any more than I am).

I don’t know if I’ll be able to pay towards that debt in a month because I don’t have a job (after the 17th).

My boyfriend is getting frustrated with me because I’m so stressed about the fact that…

I don’t have a job (after the 17th).

Oh, and my best friends aren’t coming to my graduation. Minor nit…still sucks…

Thankfully, some things to HOPEFULLY take my mind off of the employment situation:


I’m going on an Alaskan cruise for a week with my mom (I’ve never been on a cruise before, so I am SUPER looking forward to the prospect of not having to do ANYTHING for an ENTIRE WEEK!!!)

And, though I’m not sure how I’m paying for it now, I’m going on a trip in July to see my new family down in Texas and also spend a few days in N’awlins chillaxin’ with my boyfriend. I’m sure I’ll be able to save up enough cash to pop into Café Du Monde and get some warm, fluffy, sugary beignets and café au lait. :)

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