Monday, November 10, 2008

New Bookkeeping Business in Seattle

If you are located in Seattle or surrounding areas and own your own small business or know someone who does, feel free to forward my contact information. I have a new company, Dedicated Balance Bookkeeping, in which I provide full-charge bookkeeping services to a wide variety of small businesses.

Determining profitability, appraising tax position and evaluating budgets are the very elements that Dedicated Balance Bookkeeping helps you bring together. Understanding your position is an absolute necessity to ensure that your business not only remains viable, but grows.

Contact me for rates!

Summer Lutton


The Monkey Bugs said...

Ok I posted a comment, and then my computer said something about duplicate process or something lame like that, so in case you don't get it, it went something like this-
Congrats on starting your own business, that's amazing! I hope you do really well with it!
We only live 30 minutes from DC, and have a spare if you want to come witness that historical moment you blogged about we would love for you to stay with us!

Veronica said...

Hi Summer Lutton congrats for your new own Book keeping business it helps local small business owner to get service from your side.