Friday, April 11, 2008

New Blog and New Professional Direction


I post blogs on myspace that are usually just funny little videos or observations.

I posted a few entries on another blogspot blog while traveling in Europe (that fell apart quickly...amazingly enough, I was far too busy actually DOING stuff to write a blog).

Now, I thought this may be an interesting way to just talk about things going on in my life. This is mostly designed for my friends, but I don't have any issues with other people reading it.

I will attempt to keep this current, but as most people who know me realize, my schedule is a smidge insane.

So, now that I've put all that out there, let's chat...

I'm beginning to realize that I've been a bit of a hypocrite recently. I've adopted this snobby superiority to my fellow students when it comes to graduation. When they start obsessing about what they are going to do after graduation, I throw my nose up in the air and in a very adult-like voice acknowledge their fear and then condescendingly tell them that I don't have to worry about that fear since I've already been in the work-world for the past 8 or so years. I have NO fears about finding a job after graduation because I already have one! HA!

Karma is a bitch...

As many of you know, I haven't been exactly fulfilled in my current job. Writing procedures and auditing isn't exactly enthralling work for me. In addition, there have been several coworkers that I have not completely enjoyed working with. Moreover, my college major and future professional plans are completely unrelated to my current job. So, I always knew that I would be leaving, the question was only when. I had been taking my time figuring out the answer to that question. My boss had given me a deadline of the end of April to tell him what I wanted to do. Unfortunately, that deadline became immeasurably shorter last week.

On Tuesday, my boss called me into his office. He told me that the customers were expressing some concerns over the fact that my company only had a part time quality manager and wanted to know when/if I was going to be full time. "So," he said, "I need to have your answer by tomorrow."


Ho-lee crap...

Suddenly, that turmoil faced by my fellow students was smack-dab in my face.

I frantically called my mom after I left the office begging for answers. I spoke to my boyfriend, asking him for advice. I called a friend of mine whose opinion I trust explicitly in job-related matters.

Finally, I made my decision.

I walked into my boss's office the next day and asked him if we could speak. After receiving his assent, I calmly sat down and told him that I agreed with our customers, we did need a full time quality manager. Since I was only there part time, I missed a lot. However, as he was already aware, I need to focus on getting a job in my chosen area, in this case international relations, and working full time for him would preclude that. Since I did not want to leave him in a bind, though, I would begin working full time after graduation, but I would need to leave by mid-August to search for work elsewhere.

He looked at me, nodded, and said "OK, we'll start the search immediately."

So, this is where you find me now: faced with employment uncertainty in an increasingly unstable economy. Terrifying, and yet liberating at the same time. I know that this decision was for the best, but I'll be darned if I can remember that when I look at my credit card statement!


The Monkey Bugs said...

l0ne0smeI love that your keeping a you know I suck at staying in I am glad I can read your blog and see what's going on in your exciting life!
As for your professional life, If I have ever known someone destined for greatness, it's you! (of course you have to take into consideration the people I know...) I have no doubt this will wind up being the start of something great, and kudos to you for being brave enough to leave! I am fairly certain I would have taken the easy road, stayed, and then regreted it later. Good Luck in the Job hunt! (hey my Aunt is a big wig in the DC area...any chance you want to work for the National Science Foundation?)

The Monkey Bugs said...

I was trying to rememember my password to blogspot, and that's why the l0nes0mel thing is in front of my wasn't it!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of a blog... I read your European blog and was excited to be able to keep up on your happenings! As far as your professional life... what is most important is your happiness and passion about what you are doing! It takes a lot of courage to make the leap into something new, and you've already made the first steps! Kudos!

rob said...

Good on you for making the decision to find your path, even in potentially troubling times.

Advice: Help them find a replacement and exit port haste. Your dream deserves fulfillment.

rob said...

Um, that would be post haste. Port haste is a city on Spellcheck Hell Island.

Dirty Dancing Through LIFE said...

I guess we've grown up a bit since College Connection hu? welcome to the world of blog, again. I really enjoy reading about whats going on in your life. Although your life is far more interesting than mine right now, lol, you are welcome to check out my spots too.