Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WTF Mate?

So, this blog was just going to be about it snowing in Seattle in mid-April, but it has expanded since then, so here are my WTFs for the week:

1) Snow in Seattle - we are lucky if we get snow in January, but here's the view from my front door in Ballard on Friday, April 18. APRIL?? WTF?!?

2) Our *cough*venerable*cough* president has apparently made prime time his hangout of choice now. He has now made appearances on both Deal or No Deal and American Idol. You can see him here and here. WTF?
Of course, this is timed perfectly to coincide with the new movement to name a fitting memorial after our *cough*venerable*cough* president in San Francisco.

3) Um, hello world? Yeah, that would be a handbasket you're in. And, no, that's not global warming making it hotter...WTF mate (explicit language warning!)?

4) And, finally, CARLY!?! REALLY?!? WTF???!!!???

OH! Wait, THIS explains it!

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